About Us

Quince Expos was created in the Winter of 2021. The idea was born far before that. Jason, the founder, realized that there was not a single place where you can go to find info about Quince Expos, anywhere.

Jason & Diana – Quince Expos

Jason & Diana, a husband and wife team, founded and manage Austin’s Best DJs & Photo Booths, based in Austin, Texas. Both of them were long-time DJs, and Jason even participated in Quinces, growing up in Lockhart, Texas. He was in the courts, and even the Chambelan, occasionally. So Quinceaneras are not new to them.

Having this experience, they were able to dominate the Quince market in central Texas. They provide DJs, photo booths, marquee letters, and more. They participated in a few Expos, locally, and realized that there was not a central place where anyone could find info about Quince Expos near them.

Jason created blogs on the DJ site, which provided local quince info, and updated it every few months. People emailed asking about other events, near them, pretty often. Finally, Jason decided to just create Quince Expos, to solve this problem. 🙂

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